w@rn by Helen Nelder

what we do

A performance of w@rn being filmed by the BBC

w@rn theatre company and its founder, Helen Nelder, offer a broad and flexible programme of training and education through theatre.

published materials

Although w@rn, our acclaimed play about domestic violence, is no longer being performed, it has been used as the basis for a comprehensive and affordable training pack, now available from the w@rn theatre company. Professionals working in the fields of domestic violence prevention and victim support have found this an invaluable resource. The play itself is now available to other theatre companies and groups who wish to stage their own performances.

speaking at events

As a result of surviving a violent relationship, together with the years spent researching, writing and performing w@rn for a range of audiences, Helen Nelder has acquired a wealth of experience in the field of domestic abuse. Helen's knowledgeable and passionate contributions to expert panels, launch events and post-performance discussions are always well received, whether she is talking about the play, sharing her own experience of survival or expressing her views on how to tackle domestic abuse.

community theatre

Helen Nelder, together with w@rn theatre company, has worked with several community groups (e.g. young carers) to devise, rehearse and perform plays about issues that affect them. w@rn theatre company welcomes commissions for new productions (especially community-based projects) and supporting workshop programmes, to fulfil training or curriculum requirements.

If you are interested in booking Helen to appear as a guest speaker or to lead a community theatre project, please contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements or enquire about availability and rates.