w@rn by Helen Nelder

w@rn dvd resource pack

DVD notes

notes & exercises

The second part of the resource pack includes notes to accompany the DVD content, and set of exercises designed to help course leaders develop new training sessions or support existing programmes. The notes and exercises highlight four themes:

To aid course planning, simple icons representing each theme are used throughout the reference material to indicate which of the themes are relevant to a given section.

The DVD notes provide a scene-by-scene synopsis and analysis of the play, followed by summaries of the character monologues and interviews. Detailed timings of each component are included, to assist with course planning.

The training exercises are grouped into the four themes listed above, and include all the necessary worksheets and handouts, which may be photocopied and distributed as required. Each exercise states an objective, describes the activities and how long should be spent on them, and lists any additional materials that are required.