w@rn by Helen Nelder

past performances

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Since its first performance in April 2000, w@rn has been staged for public and professional audiences as far afield as Barrow-in-Furness and Guernsey. Thanks to its painfully realistic portrayal of life under the cloud of a violent relationship, the play has been embraced by the professional community to help those working in the field gain a better understanding of the problems faced by victims of domestic abuse. In some cases, w@rn has had a direct influence on official policy relating to domestic abuse.

Past audiences include:

w@rn theatre company presented its last performance of w@rn in Southampton on 25th November, 2005 (White Ribbon Day), to launch its multimedia training pack.


In May 2003 w@rn was performed to a multi agency audience in Portsmouth. 94% of the audience felt that addressing the issue through drama had more impact than a traditional training session.

The following feedback was received after past performances: