w@rn by Helen Nelder

brief history

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w@rn theatre company was founded in 2000 by Helen Nelder, while working with a group of actors to devise a play about domestic abuse.

The resulting play was w@rn, which premiered at the New Venture Theatre in Brighton and was then performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Over the following five years, w@rn was staged many times, not just as a theatrical production, but increasingly in support of events addressing domestic abuse, such as conferences and agency launches.

w@rn also became a key component of training programmes for a number of agencies, including the police, magistrates and local government, presenting them with an authentic insight into domestic abuse from the perspective of the victim.

The company itself has developed by providing additional support for the purposes of training and raising awareness in the field of domestic violence, and by working with schools and community groups to devise new plays around other issues.

Helen is currently looking to publish her portfolio of plays, which includes w@rn and her hard-hitting piece on war journalism, What I Just Shot.